How to Tell if You Have a Rattlesnake Infiltration in Your Yard

Snakes can make your skin crawl and worse than that, they can be deadly. No one wants snakes in their yard, but there is a big difference between harmless snakes and rattlesnakes. You may have seen some slithering in the grass, but that may not be a cause for alarm, because they could be non-venomous snakes. However, a rattlesnake is a different matter and requires professional removal.

One way to tell if you have rattlesnakes in your yard is, of course, the telltale rattle sound. However, some snakes’ rattles might have been cut off or missing, and baby snakes might not have them at all, but could still be venomous. Another way to tell if the creature is a rattlesnake is by its appearance. Look for:

  • Wide, triangular-shaped head
  • Narrow neck
  • Wide body

For obvious reasons, you might not want to get close enough to a snake to try to tell the difference, so that is why it is a good idea to consult experts.

If you suspect you have rattlesnakes, make sure you wear protective shoes that will guard against bites and don’t let your children play outside unsupervised. Calling snake removal experts is an important step. Visit this website for more information about snake control in Raleigh.

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