Safe Ways to Remove a Honey Bee Hive From Your Property

Honey bees are not aggressive and if you find them near your home, you need not be concerned. If you discover that they have established a hive on your property or in your home, however, you need to have them removed to prevent structural damage and accidental stings to pets and children. Some popular methods of hive removal are these:

  1. Use a Pesticide

If the hive is small enough you can use a pesticide spray. This method is best if the hive is in an exposed location such as under the eaves of the house or on a tree. Once the bees have died, knock down the hive; be careful of any bees left inside that could still be alive.

  1. Lure The Bees to Another Hive

Construct a screen cone and place over the main access point to the hive; seal off all other exits. Bees will fly out the small hole in the cone but will not be able to get back in as they will try to come in at the base. Hire a bee wrangler to bring a new queen to the hive; the trapped bees will be attracted to the new queen and will leave. The remaining bees and old queen will relocate as a result of the weakening of the hive population from this method.

  1. Hire a Professional Pest Control Expert

If the hive is large and situated inside the structure of your house, your best option is the hire a professional to remove the hive. Killing bees is not hard to do, but removing a hive can be, and if you don’t get the hive and all the dead bees completely removed they will create a bad odor in your house and damage and stain the walls.

If you have bees in or near your home, don’t wait until the hive grows and becomes established. Visit this website to learn more about bee removal in Cary.