3 Signs of a Termite Infestation

Insects can be a real nuisance, but they can also be an economic disaster if not dealt with appropriately and efficiently by a professional exterminator. Termites are an invading and destructive pest that can wreak major havoc on your home or business. Here are three things to look for to know how to tell if you have a termite problem:

1.Long, Mud-like Tubes

These will be located underneath or inside your home or building. Termites use these as protective tunnels from predators and dry air conditions.

2. Hollow-Sounding Wood

If you tap your wood and it sounds hollow, you could already have structural damage. This should be addressed immediately to stop the termites in their tracks.

3.Droppings and Wings Around Your Window Sills

You will see these around windows and other sources of light. The termites capable of reproducing will drop their fragile wings after they swarm.

Termites have the capability to do a lot of structural damage to your home. These tell-tale signs of termites will help you identify if you have a problem so you can contact an exterminator right away. To save the structural integrity and monetary value of your home, visit this website for termite removal in El Cajon.



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